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Group 2 ICC Back at it again
Jun 27, 10 7:11 PM
Raid update
Jun 9, 10 12:27 AM
Group 2 ICC
May 21, 10 6:39 AM
ICC 25 next week
May 18, 10 5:07 PM
Guild Update
May 14, 10 11:00 PM
Welcome to Axiom!
We are a raiding guild, with 2 groups going full steam in ICC10. We are always recruiting, so send our GM (JoeBiden), or our webmaster (Weylyn), a tell to join our guild. We are a fun, easy going guild working on progression in ICC10 and casual 25. Check the News section for frequent updates on our success! We have raid vent, and only accept people who can take a joke and have a good time in the game. We don't accept whiners, drama llamas, loot ninjas, or bad attitudes.

Axiom is a mainly adult guild, inviting only committed raiders. Minors (<18) are welcome to join, as long as you can exercise discretion and show us some maturity and dedication to the guild and raiding. You will not be kicked based on attendance, but please be courteous of other members' time and willingness to raid, no matter how often or occasional you can attend. If you accept an invite, be there!

We are always recruiting! We'd like to get a third 10-man group going, so if you PUG with us and like us, don't be afraid to ask if you can join!

Guildies, join the Facebook group!
Other Guild News

Group 2 ICC Back at it again

Majinstorm, Jun 27, 10 7:11 PM.
Big grats to Group 2 (and guest) for blowing through ICC again this week. 4 Bosses with no waiting and no wipes. Loot went out as follows:

Andoras - Neverending Winter FINALLY!
Honawne - Bone Warden`s Splitter
Izadel - Leggings of Unrelenting Blood
Philtrain - upgraded his Ashen Band of Greater Might to Ashen Band of Unmatched Might 
Thasian - Handgrips of Frost and Sleet
Voodomagoo - Boots of the Frozen Seed

A special thanks to Izzy who stepped up to organise and lead in my absence.

Raid update

Weylyn_87, Jun 9, 10 12:27 AM.
Another update because Weylyn had coffee today and can't sleep yet.

We seem to be rearranging groups a bit, still trying to find what works. Plus, we are trying to get Group 3 off the ground. 

The guild 25-man went reasonably well. Downed Marrowgar, but we still need some work on Deathwhisper. The point of getting a group 3 together is to be able to have a regular guild ICC-25. 

We now have a guild dedicated vent server! Hooray! As of a couple of weeks ago, we stopped borrowing Searching for Sasquatch's server, and finally were able to get our own. No more clogged vent. Check the guild info for vent info, of course.

Lastly, there are some RAID ATTENDANCE rules coming soon. Majinstorm is working on those and they will be posted here on the site, as well as the Facebook group. If you have Facebook, come join us! Search 'Axiom of Shadowmoon' or follow this link!

Group 2 ICC

Majinstorm, May 21, 10 6:39 AM.
I want to say congratulations to Group 2 for downing the first quarter for the second week in a row. Read up on the Blood Prince Counsel cause we're going at it again next week.

Here's the loot for this week's raid.

Honawne -Frost Giant`s Cleaver from Gunship
Izadel - Soulthief`s Braided Belt and Boots of the Frozen Seed from Lady Deathwhisper
Philtrain - Citadel Enforcer`s Claymore from Lord Marrowgar
Ziggers -Ramaladni`s Blade of Culling from Deathbringer Saurfang 
Zihq - Mag`hari Chieftain`s Staff from Deathbringer Saurfang

With Group 2 more or less stable the focus is now on the 25s and G3. I am looking for two people who wish to lead the new 10 man. Joe is already recruiting healers and we have a surprising number of tanks without a raid group in our ranks. G3 is happening sooner rather than later so let's get this together!

ICC 25 next week

Joebiden, May 18, 10 5:07 PM.
Ok kids, we're going to have a trial guild run of ICC 25 to see how it goes.  It's scheduled for 8:00pm server time next Tuesday, May 25th and will run until roughly 11pm server time.  Be on early if you expect to go.

I'm sending out a mass guild invite to every level 80 in the guild for this event.  I'll try to weed out alts as best I can along the way.  By accepting the invite, you are agreeing to the following:

1.)  You can and will be online in time for the raid.

2.)  You are familiar with at least the first 4 encounters in ICC 10 or 25.

3.)  Your gear overall is of Tier 9 quality or better.  In other words, 5k Gearscore or higher. 

Keep in mind, I WILL be checking the gear and experience of every player who expresses interest.  I'm only enforcing a Gearscore minimum to make sure the run goes as smoothly as possible.  Sorry guys, but this isn't the time to gear up your fresh 80 with pieces from ICC 25.

As far as the makeup of the raid goes, we'll be needing 3 geared tanks, 5 healers (at least 2 raid and 2 tank heals, 5th is a tossup), and a good mix of DPS classes and specs.  Once I have a rough roster ready, I'll send out a second set of invites for those who are coming. 

If you don't get an invite and feel you are ready to go, please come talk to me.  My decisions are being made based on gear, ICC progression, and most importantly, what will work best for the group.  I can't justify bringing 8 Hunters or 6 Warlocks to a raid when a more diverse group is needed.  Keep in mind our guild is still fairly new and we're growing every day.  It won't be long before having two separate 25 man groups is a very good possibility.

Guild Update

Weylyn_87, May 14, 10 11:00 PM.
Good evening, guildies! Weylyn here, making a much needed update on our guild progression. Sorry my updates have been so far between! I've been slacking, I know. But last night was an exciting night for Group 2, who downed 4/12 in ICC10 for the first time together! Congrats, Group 2!

ICC10 group rosters have been updated, as well. And I have added a third column for our possible Group 3 in the future. Let's make this happen.

Congrats Group 2 on achievements! We were all pinged with Boned (10 player), I`ve Gone and Made a Mess (10 player), and Storming the Citadel (10 player) last night!

Here's the loot from this week's raids. (Sorry I haven't been linking and listing! I'll try to keep this updated more often)

Group 2
Izadel - Mag`hari Chieftain`s Staff and Scourge Stranglers from Deathbringer Saurfang
Majinstorm - Midnight Sun from Gunship
Tanaska - Whispering Fanged Skull from Lady Deathwhisper
Zihq - Scourgelord`s Baton from Lady Deathwhisper
Ziggers - Shawl of Nerubian Silk from Lord Marrowgar

Group 1
Decadis - Scourgelord`s Baton from Lady Deathwhisper
Kevïn - Pauldrons of Lost Hope from Gunship
Ìan - Gargoyle Spit Bracers from Deathbringer Saurfang and Festering Fingerguards from Festergut
Kinston - Abracadaver from Festergut, Taldron`s Short-Sighted Helm and Lockjaw from Rotface
Makeitbetter - Thaumaturge`s Crackling Cowl from Deathbringer Saurfang
Weylyn - Njorndar Bone Bow from Lady Deathwhisper
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